Ian Milham

I've been working in realtime graphics, games, and entertainment for 22 years, starting as an illustrator/concept artist, moving through Art Direction, and now Creative Direction and Team Leadership.

Work History


CG Supervisor - August 2018 - Present

Part of a team at ILM doing some very cool stuff that there is no way I'm talking about here.

OUTPOST GAMES - San Francisco, CA

Creative Director/Showrunner - September 2017 – May 2018

Creative Director and Showrunner on "SOS" at Outpost Games. Ultimately responsible for game creative vision and quality.

SOS is trying to to address several interesting ideas in current games:

  • "How does an audience change player behavior and motivation?"
  • "Can we make a game as fun to watch as it is to play, and engage both audiences?"

- Establish and drive creative to align with business, design, and innovation goals
- Manage Art Team towards schedule and career growth
- Establish the Game Brand and Voice, and represent them to the public by creating content, and directing internal and external content teams.
- Align with the community and marketing teams on strategy and goals, and own the creation and delivery of all marketing content.


Game Director - August 2016 – September 2017

Game Director on The Avengers and Tomb Raider at Crystal Dynamics. 

ELECTRONIC ARTS - Redwood Shores, CA   

Creative Director/Art Director - June 2011 – May 2016 (Five years)

Creative Director and Art Director on Battlefield Hardline at Visceral Games. Responsible for Creative/Art Direction and final quality for all aspects of the production. Represented title to EA Executive Team and outside media.

- Lead Creation of World, Characters, Story, and Level Structure
- Created Key Feature and Look Proposals
- Directed Internal and External Concept Art Teams
- Directed and Approved Art Production, Including Environment, Lighting, Characters, UI, VFX, etc.

Titles in this Role:
- Battlefield Hardline
- Unreleased Action Game

Art Director - January 2006 – October 2012 (6 years 10 months)

Franchise Art Director for Dead Space at Visceral Games. Part of original team that created the franchise. Responsible for all aspects of art quality including Environment, Character, UI, and Marketing. Directly contributed concept art, storyboards, key art, and game assets.

Titles in the Role:
- Dead Space 3 (Note: transitioned after pre-production)
- Dead Space 2
- Dead Space: Extraction (worked with external team)
- Dead Space

Environment Art Director - February 2005 – January 2006 (1 year)

Environment Art Director on "From Russia With Love" at EA's Redwood Shores studio. Responsible for Environment art quality, direction of junior artists, and creating high quality game assets.

Titles in this role:
- From Russia With Love

Lead Artist/Art Director

LUCASARTS  - San Francisco, CA

Art Director - July 1999 – August 2004 (5 years 2 months)

Established Art Direction and Team Management (up to 30 artists) along with providing Artwork and assets for game production. Worked alongside with and represented game to artists on ILM / Star Wars Prequel film teams.

Titles in this role:

- Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
- Star Wars Bounty Hunter
- Star Wars Obi-Wan



Artist - November 1996 – May 1999 (2 years 7 months)

Pre-Rendered and Real-Time environment Artist on "Shadow Madness", an RPG for the Sony PlayStation. Lead art development on sequel until office closed.

Titles in this role:
- Shadow Madness 2 (Cancelled)
- Shadow Madness


Artist - May 1995 – June 1996 (1 year 2 months)

Primary Artist for Multiplayer games for Microsoft's WebTV project.